Finally got time to rearrange this post.
So, this year Composite ver.KA is Commander Haruhi.

I got a “what???” when I found out this in last posts of Ngeekhiong.

So, basically, this is Haruhi (bunny suit… well not to be my liking) in a mecha. Want to be a mecha musume I think.

I use the Litebox plugin for the images. If I have time, I’ll reorganize the images from my galleries like these too. But, I’ll reorganize them into Page if I got the mood anyway.

Next, my random rants about the big news recently.

Ngeekhiong finally closed down his blog. I’ve been there every day, digging for news for months away (if I’m not wrong, since March 2010). Well, I feel my brain still can’t catch up with this, thinking that we’ll be left behind with the news from the land of hobbiest, Japan.

So, next time we gotta search the news across the Japanese language-forums… well, I think google translate will be able to help me there.

And for the substitute for Master Ngee, I think SRWhotnews can catch up the news about gunpla and SRW. It’s just that the interface is not too good for me…

Next rant, my gunpla world is giving me headache I think. I got a pile of parts for GP03, then another pile of parts of Exia (ready for Exia Red Frame),… and now another pile of parts for Strike Noir…
I really want to finish them before I get my workbench full of dissambled parts…