“Marvelous, enough said”

Sandlot does it again, this title really take me back to my PS2 days playing a videogame named “Robot Alchemical Drive”. Dejavu is the feeling I got from playing Earth Defense Force 2017 in PSVita, and of course, the developer is the same after all.


EDF2017 is a remastered version of EDF released 2007 (CMIIW) in XBOX360 as a budget-game, meaning not really a full title game, and yet here in PSVita, EDF2017 remastered edition got sold at full price and PSN-only title, $40 at launch.


In EDF2017, humanity is in a brink of destruction because of alien invasion. The plot is as simple as this, no other plot mentioned even until the end. At first, you will become a normal soldier code-named “Storm 1″ and will defend the Earth until the end (Mission 60).


Along the 60 missions, you will fight the aliens, mainly as GIANT ant, GIANT spider, and the cool mecha-things, and even godzilla (and mecha godzilla). The enemies will be all over the maps, you got no time limit, just destroy them with two of your chosen weapons (two from somewhat hundreds of weapons).

You can also use some vehicles, the movements are not good, but it’s convenient to fight countless enemies.


After all 60 missions are finished, you will be able to fight as new character, Pale Wing, a female officer that could fly with a jetpack (no no joyride) with different weapons set for her.


Graphics are good, sound is good, lag is minimal, not too often. So overally, I really like the gameplay, repetitive is a YES, but simply it’s very good.

Multiplay is also enabled, both online and ad-hoc, cooperative and versus mode.


So, it’s worthed for $40 I think, the only thing i hate from this game is…

…one of the enemy is giant spider type… gross…