Japan Trip 2016 – Day Two (Akihabara, Chiba, Shinjuku)


Day two in Japan, I went to Akihabara in the morning, there were so many people in queue in several places, especially pachinko slots machines. They really loved it, isn’t it.


After just imagining what Akihabara in real life, looking at them from Electric Town Exit Akihabara Station is really dreamlike scenario.


Then, day before Wonder Festival, I went to Chiba to look at the site.

And in the evening, I returned to Tokyo, Shinjuku area to eat at Artnia, cafe from Square Enix.

(as usual, will update this post after the trip ends for longer naration)

Japan Trip 2016 – Day One (Asakusa)

First day we arrived at Haneda Airport at around 9AM. From there we bought Metro Pass and use both Train and Subway for transportation in Japan.

We went to Asakusa to find our hotel, Soho Asakusa Hotel. The place is very far away from Asakusa Station and there is the famous Sensouji Temple.

Asakusa itself is a somehow like an old Tokyo, an era that is not like the present time. I think this is a great place to live in. There are some bicycles around the complex and it seems no one afraid the bike will be lost.