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New Website

Hiya, wanna tell you I’ve moved to a new site

HobbyInMotion: So many Hobbies, So little Time

It will be filled with Gunpla, Figurines, and Videogames. Still need time to move many things, as this web will be closed in March/April 2014.

So see you there ^^

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Waking from Hiatus

Hi ya everyone in case anyone still come here.

So basically, after so much a long time I finally have a new job that doesn’t burn whole my free time.
I’ll try to post and be active again in blog world.

Anyway, this is my latest creation (from hiatus too, last time I put my paintbrush was like… more than 6 months ago)

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At laaasssttt, Loot from 2012

Finally, my loot from last year arrived at last.
“Thanks” for immigration officers for the delay…

Will do photoshoot later, I dunno if having photoshoot but at least weekend will post the unboxing then… I hope.

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[Videogame Review] PSVita – Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time


Next game for PSVita Review, It’s Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time

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[Videogame Review] PSVita – Earth Defense Force 2017


“Marvelous, enough said”

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